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The Folly and Wickedness of War

Two eighteenth century essays
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Two eighteenth century essays: 'On the folly and wickedness of war' and 'Nancy Collins' from The Hive of Ancient and Modern Literature, first published in 1799 by Solomon Hodgson in Newcastle upon Tyne. This collection of ‘essays, narratives, allegories, and instructive compositions’ was intended for use in schools and was one of many similar volumes.

The Hive
is illustrated with wood engravings by Thomas Bewick and Luke Clennell, some of which I have printed. I also published another of the essays, ‘The distresses of a modest man’ as The Fall of Xenophon. It was while I was looking for a sequel, these two essays caught my attention – they make salient and worthwhile reading with which one can draw many parallels.

The arguments and tenets of ‘On the folly and wickedness of war’ convey an eighteenth-century view and while the nature of war may have changed, it seems the causes, horrors and consequences have not.

‘Nancy Collins’ is a sad tale, full of melodrama, that tells of the misery that befalls the innocent victims of war: the families of those involved in the conflict.

Many suffer because of war. Despite twenty-four-hour media coverage and propaganda, the unspeakable horror and ramifications remain unimaginable.

I have recently identified the author of the first essay as Vicesimus Knox (1752 - 1821) an English essayist and minister who preached in support of philanthropic causes and the pursuit of peace as opposed to war.

Edition details
Published in October 2004.
Printed in an edition of 100. The typeface is Adobe OpenType Bembo, the paper is acid-free mould made 145g Zerkall 7625. Bound by David Esslemont in full paste-grained paper boards and paper wrappers.
16 pp, 250 x 163 mm (10 x 6.5 inches)
Sixty copies for sale:
Forty copies in boards - £60 ($100)
Twenty copies in wrappers -out of print)

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