Taxi Driver Curry

May 2015 || Regular edition: $460
Deluxe edition: $3600

There are many different ways to cook curry – this transcript of a conversation with a taxi driver describes just one approach and was recorded at 4.30 a.m. while travelling between terminals at London’s Heathrow airport.

The illustrations are woodcuts based on kolam, Indian designs that are created outside homes to bring prosperity and ward off evil spirits.

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Video trailer – Taxi Driver Curry

Pizza (work in progress)

From weeds to wood-fired pizza

This ambitious project begins with weeds and fire as the ground is cleared to plant wheat – clay is mixed with sand to make adobe bricks, and concludes with the magic of cooking in a wood-fired oven, with ferocious heat, rolling flames, and the tantalizing aromas of home-grown pizza.

Florilegium Solmentes

October 2010

A portfolio of twenty-four unique ‘digital’ flowers created from ‘nature prints’ of leaves, from scanned petals and from other parts of plants.

Edition details

Printed on 17 x 22 inch (432 x 559 mm) Somerset Enhanced paper with pigment inks. Each print is matted and mounted on conservation board. Presented with a title page and colophon page in two cloth-covered drop-back boxes together with an accompanying book, The Making of Florilegium Solmentes: Nature prints & digital flowers.
Ten sets: $6000

Chili: a recipe

February 2013 || Regular edition: $1200 Deluxe edition: $4800

Inspired by winning a chili cook-off, David Esslemont presents his prize-winning recipe in thirty-nine woodcuts.

Edition of thirty: ten deluxe copies bound in white alum-tawed pigskin, and thirty copies in Japanese-style stab-sewn cloth covers.

Individual woodcuts are available as signed prints.

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