Pizza from Scratch

September 2017
New Publication

Deluxe Pizza $4800 (Out of print)
Regular Pizza $2400

This visual narrative tells the story in woodcuts and linocuts of how British artist David Esslemont literally grew a pizza on his farm in rural Iowa. Wholly embracing the farm-to-table movement, he grows wheat, garlic, tomatoes and basil; designs and builds an adobe clay oven (scale plans included); gives instructions on how to make the dough, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese; fire up the oven, assemble the pizza and cook it in less than three minutes

“Pizza farms” are not uncommon in the Midwest, and in 2011, Esslemont built an oven to explore the feasibility of such a venture. Unfortunately, the oven burned down the following year. Two years passed before he built a second oven, this time on a plinth of reinforced concrete. As he documented its construction, he conceived a new book – Pizza from Scratch.

“There is something magical about cooking in a wood-fired oven: the rolling flames, searing heat and tantalizing aromas are quixotic. If you’ve grown the ingredients, and harvested the tomatoes and basil that afternoon – the flavors will be out of this world.” - David Esslemont

Edition details
Forty copies, hand printed from the original blocks. Thirty-six images, printed on rectos only, except for one double-page spread and a separate plan (folded). 10.5 x 15 inches, landscape, 68pp.

Five deluxe copies – $4800 (Sold Out)
Bound in white alum-tawed goatskin with a design painted in acrylic ink based on one of the pizzas, created with toothbrushes and stencils, with gold tooling. Sewn on linen tapes with hand-sewn headbands and leather-jointed Italian handmade-paper endleaves, in a felt-lined cloth-covered drop-back box.

Thirty-five regular copies in cloth-covered boards, presented in a printed cloth-covered drop-back box – $2400.


All the images are available separately as individual prints. Printed in editions of no more than fifty copies they vary in price from $120 to $700. Please enquire for availability and pricing.

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Pizza title page
weeds woodcut
burning weeds colour linocut
wheat seed linocut
broadcasting seed linocut
harrowing linocut
tomato seedlings
wheat june 4 linocut
mature wheat linocut
tools linocut
pythagorus linocut
Selfie in base walls linocut
Rebar linocut
Firebricks linocut
Loading sand linocut
Sand dome linocut
Digging clay linocut
Puddling clay linocut
Adobe bricks linocut
Oven door linocut
Insulation layer linocut
The finished pizza oven linocut
Wheat, early morning linocut
Wheat harvest linocut
Threshing linocut
tomatoes linocut
Basil linocut
Firewood linocut
Let's Make Pizza - 1, linocut
tLet's Make Pizza - 2, linocut
Let's Make Pizza - 3, linocut
Let's Make Pizza - 4, linocut
Pepperoni pizza, linocut
Plans for the oven, linocut

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