All in Good Time:
Reflections of a Watchmaker

George Daniels

Design, printing and binding commission

Designed and printed for The Peoples Archive


From the publisher's prospectus:

This revised edition of George Daniels’ autobiography is published by Peoples Archive Ltd. It includes a new section about motor cars, an index and is illustrated with colour plates of six watches and six motorcars, together with eleven drawings of escapements.

Each of the watches is illustrated with two colour plates printed back-to-back showing the face on one side and the back or escapement on the other side. There are two wrist-watches: a one-minute tourbillon and a four-minute tourbillon both with the Daniels coaxial escapement. The four pocket-watches include a one-minute tourbillon with Earnshaw spring-detent escapement; a one-minute tourbillon with fifteen-second remontoir; a one-minute tourbillon with Daniels coaxial escapement; and a solar and sidereal watch with Chronograph.

The book is designed, printed and bound by David Esslemont a distinguished maker of fine books whose honours include the Premio Felice Feliciano award for book design.

The text is printed ‘letterpress’ from photopolymer plates while the illustrations are printed using the latest archival inkjet process. The paper chosen for the book is a mould-made, acid-free paper from the Zerkall mill in Germany.

The book is hand-sewn on linen tapes with hand-sewn endbands and leather-jointed endleaves. The boards are covered with light brown Nigerian goatskin leather with a ‘watch spring’ spiral in gold extending across the front, back and spine. At the centre of the spiral is a recessed panel covered by a watch glass containing a wheel made by George Daniels himself. The book is presented in a felt-lined, cloth-covered, drop-back box.

Published in a limited edition of twenty-seven copies for sale by Peoples Archive Ltd to celebrate George Daniels’ eightieth birthday.

277 pp., 19 coloured plates, 320 x 220 mm (12.6 x 8.7 inches)

Price on application.

Daniels binding
Daniels title opening spread
Daniels pages 150-1
Daniels pages 152-3

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